Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Put a Ring On It

Beautiful Tursi loves to be the center of attention.

As the two most mature females here at Dolphin Research Center, Molly and Tursi have a lot of life experience, especially when it comes to flirting with guys. The ladies love their men and are known to be much more enthusiastic when interacting with good looking guys. During a Dolphin Encounter, not only did the two have a flirt-off but they went above and beyond to get some male attention.

They have two different flirting styles, but they each worked in their own way. Tursi took a more flippers-on approach with the handsome guy in the water. She volunteered herself for every kiss, handshake and backrub in the program. Molly, who is a bit less tactile than her friend, swam off on several occasions to pop up nearby and giggle or wave hello.

For the signal portion of the swim, the young man asked Tursi for a present. Off she swam, intently looking for the ideal souvenir for her new friend. She searched far and wide, scanning the surface of the water to see if there was a perfect leaf or mangrove pod, and then diving deep to the bottom of the lagoon to look for any hidden treasures.

As she came out of the water for a quick breath before returning to the dock with a prized possession, a long lost dive ring. However, as she came out of the water it fell off her rostrum and sunk back to the bottom of the lagoon She had accidently lost the present! Tursi went up to the man and insisted she had a gift on her rostrum. Her trainer and the swimmers told her she’d lost what she was carrying but she refused to listen. Then, out of no where, Molly popped up between Tursi and her new beau with a dive ring. Tursi did a double take. She realized that her present had actually fallen off and now Molly was getting the credit of coming up with such a fantastic keepsake. Luckily, the swimmer saw the entire thing take place and thanked Tursi for finding such a unique gift and Molly for ensuring he got the toy that her friend had searched long and hard for. They each got a kiss on the rostrum and a high five.

Not only did the swimmer have a great time getting so much one on one attention from the two oldest ladies at DRC, but they also won the heart of his girlfriend who was in the swim too. A proud DRC member, and adoptive Molly parent, she now enjoys telling this adorable story about how two dolphins tried to put a ring on her boyfriend’s finger!