Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Suicide Prevention Week

September 7- 15 is National Suicide Prevention Week. In an effort to raise awareness about Suicide Prevention amongst our soldiers, Susan, a DRC supporter took part in The 8030 Project. Individuals  raise awareness for suicide prevention by centering their images around the number 22, the average number of soldiers that lose their lives on a daily basis. We were happy to give supply her with photos of our dolphin family, which she used to make a  beautiful collage.

You can view the dolphin collage and other tributes to our service men and women on The 8030 Project blog.

Throughout the year, we invite warriors to Dolphin Research Center to interact with the dolphins. The experience offers respite from the troubles they face on a daily basis as they ease back into civilian life. These encounters offer positive memories for the soldiers, which we hope anchors into their lives and continues to grow. For many of our heroes, this day is shared with friends and families.

We are always honored and humbled to give back to our heroes. Each experience with them is as refreshing as the first. It's amazing to see men and women, who face a variety of challenges, put their guard down, relax and enjoy dolphin time. Their smiles glow as brightly as the sun and their joy radiates throughout the facility.

If you would like more information on the programs we offer for soldiers, please click here to go to Special Needs portion of our website.