Thursday, September 4, 2014

Talon Takes His Trainer on a Stroll

As the oldest Flipper grandchild, Talon certainly has a spark in him that can light up an already sunny day. He’s one of our guests’ favorite dolphins to view for narrations, always going above and beyond what anyone would expect from a true, laid back, conch kid. His high flying leaps soar in such a way that you can’t help but get a great picture, as long as you’re fast enough to capture it. Yup, Talon is one of those guys that you can’t help but adore. Recently, he showed off what kind of a gentleman he is. Working with his trainer, Kelly Jayne, Talon let his sweeter side shine.

Relationships are the starting point for all trainers and the dolphins. We want to make sure there is a mutual respect and understanding. So it’s always important to keep sessions fun and unpredictable. Talon, who is one of our largest males, doesn’t spend a lot of time doing in water interactions with his trainers. Sure, he does Dolphin Dips and Dolphin Encounters with visitors, but hanging out on the tray with an enthusiastic staff member is always a treat for this gentle giant.

On this particular day, Kelly Jayne got into the water with Talon and embraced him with a big hug! He seemed to curl up in her lap and take full advantage of all the special attention. Then, KJ decided it would be fun to show the crowd how big of a sweetheart Talon is by letting him take her on a date. She held out her arm for him and Talon immediately put his flipper in her hand. The two of them went on a stroll in the lagoon, with Kelly Jayne walking on the submerged platform and the handsome dolphin at her side.

When they finished their walk, Kelly Jayne asked Talon if he had fun. He nodded his head up and down very excitedly. Then she asked if he’d want to do it again and he pulled put his flippers out for a high ten. At the end of the session, you could see the excitement on Talon’s face and his trainer had a huge grin from head to toe.