Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sibling Love Between Pandora and Flagler

Pandora's silly nature often rubs off on her younger siblings.

When you were growing up, did you want to be just like your older sibling? If she’s anything like Pandora, then you definitely would want to! Flagler showed us how cool he thinks his big sister is during a play time session. 

Catherine, one of our trainers, was very excited to come down on the dock and play with these two awesome siblings. Pandora, who is independent and free spirited, kept rolling over on her back and presenting her belly to Catherine so that she could give it a light push. What happens when you give the dolphins belly a little poke? They blow bubbles! At least, they do in the game we play here at DRC.

Flagler has not quite learned this game but once he saw his older sister do it, he obsessed over bubbles the remainder of the session. He would go under the water and blow bubbles over and over again. Regardless if he was asked to sit and wait or go off for another behavior, he would somehow find a way to incorporate bubble blowing. He was having a blast!

The cutest part happened near the end of the session. Pandora could tell her little brother was excited to play the game, even if he didn’t know how. So she helped him out. Pandora rolled over once more and waited for Catherine to give her one last poke. However, instead of blowing bubbles herself she let her little brother blow them for her. He went underneath Pandora and did his scuba diver impression. It was beyond adorable!

At the end of the session, you could tell this was a great bonding experience for Pandora and Flagler. Although they live together, they seldom share a dock. It was great to see how much adoration they have for one another.