Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Luna!

Happy Birthday, Luna!
Join us in celebrating Luna's belated birthday! Yesterday, Luna turned five years old. Born on the night of a full, blue moon, Luna is the daughter of Pandora. An outgoing, bold little girl, Luna is small in stature yet big in personality. She was one of the youngest of our babies to cuddle with trainers in the water, starting at only three months of age! Luna is a quick learner, an avid people watcher, and a free-spirited little sprite you can’t help but adore! 
Luna is so sweet, that she actually gave a member of the Dolphin Research Center staff five separate gifts on her fifth birthday when asked to retrieve a present! What an adorable way to celebrate, and bond, with her human family members. It's surely a memory that will be cherished forever.

If you'd like to adopt Luna or buy her a bucket of fish for her birthday, head on over to the Dolphin Research Center website. As a nonprofit education and research facility, DRC relies on guests, members and donors to be the backbone of the organization and enable us to provide excellent care for our animal family members.

Happy Birthday, Luna! We love you baby girl.