Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jax's Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Jax!
Join us in wishing Jax a Happy Anniversary! When he was around 6-8 months old, Jax was spotted swimming alone in the St. John’s River near Jacksonville, FL. Orphaned and injured, he was rescued and transported to Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City. Due to his age, he was deemed nonreleasable by the government and Dolphin Research Center was happy to open our home to this sweet little dolphin. Jax is a daring, fun-loving guy who enjoys people watching, playing with his toys and relaxing with his best friend, Rainbow. He is easily recognized by his half dorsal fin, unique fluke injury, and his “Lucky Fin”. Just like Nemo, Jax has a special flipper. It's been 7 years since joined the DRC family and everyday he shows us that regardless of his injuries, he can do everything the other dolphins can do. What an inspiration! Happy Anniversary, Jax. We love you! 

Want to adopt Jax or buy him a bucket of fish for his anniversary? Then head on over to the Dolphin Research Center website and click on his bio page

As a nonprofit education and research facility, Dolphin Research Center would not be able to be a forever family and home to Jax, or the rest of the pod members, without help from our wonderful guests, members and donors. All the fees from your memberships, general admission, interactive programs, and donations go right back to our family members buckets. Thank you for continuing to support us, our family, and our mission.