Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gypsi!

Gypsi turns 8 years old today!

Gypsi celebrates her 8th Birthday today! Gypsi lives up to her heritage as the only Flipper granddaughter. Even in a crowd of superstar dolphins, Gypsi still manages to stand out in the crowd! An accomplished aerialist, she loves athletic challenges and is our best tail-walker, going all the way across the lagoon! Gypsi has a sweet nature and will lie in her trainer’s arms for cuddles and kisses. Intense and intelligent, she is a “thinker” who enjoys new games! Please join us in singing Happy Birthday to the one and only, Gypsi. We love you, Doodlebug!

Want to adopt Gypsi or buy her a bucket of fish? Go to her bio on the Our Animal Family portion of the Dolphin Research Center website.