Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Dolphin Serenade

Charles Imes and Rick Schettino play for the dolphins.

Earlier in the fall, the dolphins enjoyed a serenade by Charlie Imes & Rick Schettino. The two musicians put on an impromptu concert for the front lagoon. Armed solely with their guitars and Keys-y voices, Charlie and Rick put on a great show for the group.

Each of the dolphins took the opportunity to check out the concert. They listened to soulful sounds and swayed their bodies to the beat of the songs.  One by one, the dolphins peeked out of the water to get a closer view of the vocalists.

Flagler seemed to enjoy the music the most. He spent a great deal of time hanging out by the dock as he listened to the sweet sounds of the duo. Much of his time was spent stationed where he could enjoy a front row experience.

As the music continued, the dolphins weren’t the only audience. Guests came to watch the performers. They had a great crowd full of both guests and staff. Everyone had a wonderful time listening to the music.