Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dolphin Bumper Cars

The kids love to crawl all over each other.
In the front lagoon, you never know what’s going to happen. Seven youngsters share the space with one adult.   As you can imagine, it gets pretty chaotic on occasion, especially when you’re dealing with little boys.

During a session, Louie, Delta, Gambit, and Flagler were playing at different docks but took the opportunity to be silly with one another. All of them were asked to show their tummies to the crowd and they did, but not before playing a little bit of dolphin bumper cars.

Louie floated into the middle of the lagoon and went right over Delta, who decided to go over Flagler. Gambit managed to get through without being bumped but still played along with the rest of the boys. When the trainers blew their whistles, the signal that says, “That’s great, now return to me”,  all of the boys flipped over at the same time and tried to go through each other to get back to the dock.

Don’t worry though; it’s natural for the dolphins to climb over each other. Sometimes when a dolphin is asked to go from one side of a dock to the other to wait their turn, they swim right over their friend’s back. The dolphins are a lot like kids! Extremely playful and energetic. They cannot wait to go back, see their human friends, and have fun.