Thursday, February 21, 2013

Speed Dolphins

Jax loves to race his buddy A.J.

A.J., Jax, and Tanner love the Keys’ lifestyle. Generally, these three “little boys” are pretty laid back. They enjoy play time with their trainers, but also love to hang out by the causeway and people watch. Even though A.J. is an adult and Tanner and Jax are still pretty young, their chill dolphinalities allow them to enjoy each other’s company.

Jax, who is the youngest, still has his kid moments. He loves to crawl all over A.J. and Tanner and create a little chaos. One of his favorite things to do is challenge the other two on races.

When these three guys are asked to do a speed run together, they all take off at the same time. However, Jax likes to pull out fast and swim past his two buddies so he’s in the lead. As they come into their final approach, Jax makes sure he crosses the imaginary finish line first.

Jax’s need for speed isn’t necessarily competitive. He is the youngster of the group, so he still loves to play around and act like  a juvenile dolphin. Jax absolutely adores A.J. and Tanner, and is constantly learning from them.

It’s so much fun to watch A.J., Jax, and Tanner together. These three guys are so charming and sweet that you can’t help but fall in love with all of them.


Unknown said...

I love all of your blogs. It makes my day to find a new blog on the DRC website and read about one of the many creatures that are part of the DRC family (humans and animal). Thanks for sharing such precious memories with us.