Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Mandy getting a kiss from his buddy, Tanner.
Have you ever been asked a question that completely stumped you? Dolphin Research Center’s very own co-founder and COO, Mandy Rodriguez, asked several children in the crowd during a session with his buddy Tanner, what they think happens when he presses a dolphin belly button. The kids shrugged their shoulders and looked at their parents, who also had no idea of the answer. The entire audience had an immensely confused looks on their faces. What does happen when you push a dolphin’s belly button?

 It turns out that they make bubbles! Well, the dolphins at DRC do at least. They not only blow bubbles, but wiggle their flippers when they’re tickled, and blow raspberries, which we joke they learned from the male workers at the facility.

The kids in the audience loved all of the behaviors Tanner showed off that were just like human activities. Not only was the session fun but it was informative too! We believe that’s the best way to learn.