Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A.J.'s a Talker

If only we knew what A.J. had to say!
We often joke that Santini is A.J.’s ex-wife. The two of them have a son, named Tanner, who lives in the same lagoon as A.J. It seems that A.J. hasn’t gotten over the beautiful Santini because ever since she moved across the causeway, he’s been chatting to her on the “telephone”.

The “telephone” is a pipe that connects the two lagoons. All of the dolphins at DRC love to chat with one another, so since it’s kind of like the old school game of telephone, where you have two cans connect by a string. 

A few months ago, Santini gave birth to a bundle of joy, named Reese and A.J. wants to hear all about it. Now that Reese is becoming more independent and swimming on his own, A.J. seems to have taken his chatting skills up a notch. Sometimes he won’t even show up to sessions because he’s so entranced in their conversation.

Every once in a while the other boys in the lagoon hang out by the telephone too, but it’s A.J. that loves to chatter away with Miss Santini.