Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aleta Starts The Show

Aleta knows she's in charge!

It’s a known fact that Dolphin Research Center runs on dolphin time. Whatever the dolphins want to do is what they do. Whether it’s an in water program with guests or a training session, the dolphins decide their schedule.

This includes when it’s time to start a program as well. During a session with her lagoon mates, Pandora and Merina, Aleta started the program before anyone was ready. When she saw her trainer carry the buckets over to her dock, Aleta began to do cartwheels somersaults to get attention. She was so ready to play that she couldn’t contain her excitement and made sure that everyone had their eyes on her.

As the trainers talked to the guests who were waiting to spend some quality time with dolphins, Aleta became the star of her own show. With screams and whistles, she “narrated” to the audience about what was going on and hurried her trainer down onto the tray. Before symbols were in the water, Aleta took off on a dive. As she soared through the air, her lagoon mates found their designated seats and caught up with her.

Aleta loves the attention she receives from guests so much that she can’t help but make a splash. She loves the camera, the affection, and the glamorous dive lifestyle that she lives here at DRC. It’s all fun and games when it comes to the beautiful and talented Aleta.