Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Louie Gives Out Rings

Louie enjoyed his research games with the interns.
One of the research games that Louie is great at is “Match to Sample”. The object of the game is to match the object he is shown with the same item when given a choice between two different things. Every time he plays, Louie gets super excited!

It seems that he’s taken to the game in more ways than one. During a session with his trainer, Erica, Louie randomly left the dock and returned with a dive ring. Erica made such a big deal about the surprise present that Louie swam off again and returned with another ring. He was so thrilled with himself for finding two of the same object.

The ring love didn’t stop there though. As Erica brought down two of our research interns that were saying their goodbyes to the staff and animals, Louie swam away and returned with not one, but two dive rings on his rostrum; one for each of the girls who had spent the past four months playing cognitive games with him. It was like Louie knew it was time to say his farewell to the awesome ladies who he’d grown close to over the months and took the opportunity to show them that he knew exactly what part they played at DRC.

At the end of the session, Louie somehow managed to find another dive ring. It seems that he was on a roll. Louie must know that a way to a girl’s heart is through a pretty ring!


Unknown said...

Awww yay Louie!!! Congrats buddy! Love ur spunk!

Unknown said...

YAY Louie! Congrats buddy! Love your spunk!!!