Thursday, August 22, 2013

A.J. and Sandy Go Crazy!

A.J. is known for is his crazy dolphin impression. For those of you who have never seen it, it’s very similar to a splash except he goes absolutely berserk! His entire body wiggles and he rapidly moves his pectoral flippers. A lot of times he does this behavior in conjunction with a splash fight or back tail walk.

A few months ago, we changed the boys’ living situation. A.J. still lives in a lagoon with Tanner and Jax, but has now welcomed Sandy and Rainbow into his social unit. Since then, we’ve seen a shift in who the boys hang out with. Sandy, who is the least dominant dolphin of the more mature males, enjoys spending time with A.J. and seems to have picked up on some of his moves.

When Sandy was asked to splash, he responded by doing a crazy dolphin routine. When he insanely splashes, he gets everyone soaked. For a brief second, you could swear it was A.J. showing off his signature behavior. Sandy’s become such a fan of it that he goes off into his own little world as he plays.

However, when A.J. and Sandy pair up and act like crazy dolphins together, it is an incredible sight! The two go back and forth, shake, wiggle, thrash, and have a grand time. It’s cool to see that the boys get so big a kick out of imitating each other.