Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aleta Gifts

Aleta gave her trainer a beautiful flower.
We often wonder what is at the bottom of the dolphin lagoons. Whenever we ask for a present, and even when we don’t, the dolphins always manage to find something unique to give. Whether it’s a rock, a clump of sea grass, or a once-lost toy, you can tell that each dolphin “shops” with intention.

During a session with her trainer, Debbie, Aleta snagged a beautiful flower from her hidden stash of presents. When she presented it to her trainer, Debbie said thank you, told her how beautiful it was, and then put it back into the water so that Aleta could re-gift it to someone else. Each time that it was put down, Aleta grabbed it and showed it to her once again as if to say, “No, I want you to hold onto this forever.”

After a few nudges from Aleta, it was clear that this was no ordinary flower, but was meant as a token of love. To please Miss Allie, Debbie put the flower in her hair and showed her how gorgeous it looked. It was a dolphin fascinator!

Aleta watched as her trainer kept the flower in her hair throughout the rest of their session. When Debbie left the dock, she showed Aleta that she was taking the flower with her and thanked her once again for such a wonderful gift.


Alberto said...

Aww, that's so sweet of Aleta. I think it's cute when the dolphins give presents. When I did DolphinLab last week, I got a present from Talon. Today, I have it in my DRC memory frame so that it can last forever.