Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bradford's Worm Stand

This is Bradford. Last spring he visited DRC and met Jax, a victim of a shark attack. Jax was found in the Saint John’s River in Jacksonville, FL and estimated to be around six to eight months old. Jax had lost part of his pectoral flipper, dorsal, and tail fluke and was not with any other dolphins. After Jax was rescued and rehabilitated, the government deemed him un-releasable due to his age and... the DRC family was thrilled to welcome him with open flippers. Jax’s story touched Bradford so deeply that he wanted to help him after his visit.

Bradford, as a summer fundraising project, wanted to make and sell cookies in his town. He made chocolate chip cookies on his own, with only his moms help with the oven. He then set up a stand in town with lots of signage and got lots of traffic. To continue his efforts and raise more to send to Jax, Bradford also created a "worm stand" He collected worms from the yard, put three in each baby food jar with dirt and sold them as "pets" in his neighborhood. He sold out in 30 minutes!

He earned a total of $25.56 all on his own which he has sent into the Dolphin Research Center. Bradford would like to raise more in order to earn a commemorative brick on DRC’s walkway of donors, so he will continue his efforts in the fall.

Great job Bradford! From Jax, and the rest of the DRC pod, thank you so much for your support.