Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Delta and Pandora!

We're celebrating twice the joy here at Dolphin Research Center. Why? Because November 22nd is both Delta's and Pandora's birthday! Happy Birthday, you fabulous dolphins.

Delta is the first baby born to Aleta and is half brother Pandora, Gambit, and one year old Diva. A boisterous typical boy, Delta loves swimming fast, jumping and playing with balls (especially tossing them over fences!) As a youngster, Delta has difficulty sometimes sitting through “kindergarten class." He enjoys swimming around the lagoon and seeing what everyone else is doing. He sometimes takes another young dolphin with him as he plays hooky! Step down onto one of the floating docks, and you're sure to grab Delta's attention. He is one of the bravest of the young kid clan and isn't afraid to be the first to play with a new object or game. 

If you'd like to adopt Delta on his Birthday, click here.

Pandora is the oldest of her siblings, Calusa, Cayo & Flagler (Merina’s kids) and Delta and Gambit (Kibby’s kids). She excels at studying human behavior and is an avid people watcher. This results in a young lady who has high standards when it comes to her relationships with humans – she expects YOU to entertain HER! Always smiling and calling out for attention, Pandora is a party waiting to happen. Do you hear a dolphin screaming at unsuspecting guests? That's usually Pandora. If you're not 100% sure who she is, look for the bright pink belly with freckles. Dolphins are born with pink stomachs and as they get older they fade to light gray. Pandora's stayed bright pink, which is a great way to figure out who she is in whatever social group she decides to be in that day.

Want to buy Pandora a bucket of Birthday fish? Click here.

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