Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday, Merina!

She may be a mother of five (Pandora, Calusa, Cayo, Flagler and Windley) but she's surely one of the coolest moms we know! Merina was born at DRC in 1984 and is half-sister to Aleta, Santini and Talon. She is our most successful mother and her legacy continues with Pandora, Calusa, Cayo, Flagler and Windley. In addition to being an amazing Mom, her resume includes modeling and acting – she loves being in front of the camera! Merina enjoys a challenge and excels at creative training, such as combination behaviors. She is especially proud of her birth impression, where she dives through the air, wiggles her flippers, and does a seagull impression all at the same time.

If you'd like to buy Merina a Birthday bucket of fish or adopt her, you can do so on our website. As a nonprofit organization, DRC relies on its members for support and to give the dolphins and sea lions the best care. They receive restaurant quality fish, excellent healthcare, and are loved dearly by their human family members.