Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tursi!

The first successful calf born on the Dolphin Research Center grounds was this beautiful lady. Today, Tursi is celebrating her 41st birthday! Join us in celebrating her day.

Tursi is the daughter of two “Flipper” dolphins who starred in the original movies. Her name is derived from her species, Tursiops truncatus. Tursi is DRC’s “Super Mom” and is a protective mom to Talon, Pax, Gypsi and Gambit. In addition to raising kids, she helps raise new trainers, teaching them who is really in charge! Tursi is a spectacular athlete, and her claim to fame is her “screaming dive” – a high leap with a celebratory “Yah” at the peak! Proving that the Flipper genetics are strong, all of Tursi's children are equally as athletic. 

As it is part of our philosophy to provide a forever home to marine mammals who are born here or came to the facilities for various reasons, this is the only home Tursi has ever known. We think of ourselves as one big family here at DRC, with Tursi being the nurturing mom we love dearly.

If you'd like to buy this Flipper daughter a bucket of fish or adopt her today, you'll be helping DRC continue its mission of promoting peaceful coexistence, cooperation and communication between marine mammals and humans and the environment through research and education.