Thursday, August 14, 2008

DRC Connections Around the World

One of the current Research interns recently applied for an intern position to assist with a humpback whale study in Australia. As it turns out, the person to whom she applied, and who eventually accepted her for the position, is a former DRC Research intern from 2004 who is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland!

This reminded us that DRC might be located in the Florida Keys, but we have connections with people around the world. DolphinLab students continue to pursue their studies. Numerous interns who spent months at DRC gaining valuable knowledge and experience have gone on to work within the fields of marine mammal care, training and research. Many of our trainers explored new avenues in their careers by taking jobs at other facilities, or in related fields, around the country. We’re fortunate that many of them keep in touch so we know how they’re progressing with their individual careers.

Let’s not forget our family of members and donors who live in every state, and numerous foreign countries.

Then, of course, there are the daily visitors to Dolphin Research Center. On any given day, you can stroll the grounds and hear families excitedly greeting the dolphins in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, or other languages. Even the ones who speak English might sound a little different to the dolphins, with their British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh or Australian accents.

It’s like DRC is our own little United Nations – People from nations around the world united in their love of, and fascination with, dolphins!


DRCFanatic said...

Hello! I have recently attended a DolphinLab course and LOVED it! I have been fascinated with the Dolphin Research Center since I was 3! As most trainers say, I have no favorite dolphin. They all make me smile! After spending a week with them, I didnt want to leave!!!!! My entire Blogger is based upon my wonderful experiences at the Dolphin Research Center. I have a school project coming up that can be on any topic and I was wondering if you had any ideas that have to do with dolphins. I was thinking about doing something related to Dolphin Acoustics and Noise Pollution, but any suggestions would help! Thanks,

A DRC friend!!!