Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life's a Game & Everything's a Toy!

Gypsi (top) & Jax (bottom)
When you’re a young dolphin, just about anything in your lagoon gets treated like a toy. Different types of sea weed or sea grass, mangrove seed pods, small rocks – the natural lagoons provide a never ending supply of cool things with which to play. We often see one or two of the kids tossing these objects around and then swimming to get them before tossing them again. When staff members visit the docks for some casual playtime, Ras and Gypsi frequently instigate a game of seaweed toss. They arrive at the docks, carrying seaweed in their mouths and wait for the staff to remove it and then fling it out into the lagoon. The girls give chase and then pop back up at the dock for another go-round.

Recently, a coconut rolled into the front lagoon and shortly afterward drew the attention of the three youngsters living there -- Ras, Gypsi and Jax.

Although it sure was different than any of the balls they’ve played with before, the “kids” quickly got their game on. Gypsi swam around on her back, holding it in her pectoral flippers. Ras decided to jump over it a few times. Jax observed the antics, carefully inspecting the new object.

What fun to be a young dolphin!