Thursday, August 7, 2008

DRC Gets Corny!

DRC’s Gift Shop constantly looks for products that are good for the environment. We recently began carrying a line of goods that are made from corn! Corn is a terrific natural, biodegradeable, and renewable resource. This usage does not take a valuable product away from the country’s food supply. The type of corn used is field maize, and would not have been used for human consumption. Many farmers are adding this to the crops they grow in order to generate additional income.

The number of products made from corn plastic is amazing. Up above are pictures of a few that you’ll see in our Gift Shop, or online!

The commuter cup is solid and keeps your morning coffee or tea warm for your trip to work.

When you’re ready to begin shopping for school supplies, slip a pen and ruler made from corn plastic into your backpack – and spread the environmental joy with your fellow students.

Interested? Click here to visit our online Gift Shop.