Friday, August 22, 2008

DRC Survived Tropical Storm Fay!

We're happy to report that everyone at DRC -- whether they live in water or on land -- survived Tropical Storm Fay.

Winds at DRC hit gusts of up to 70 MPH with rainfall that reached 7" with an expected 2" to 4" additional over the next day or so. We got lucky with Fay and the structural damage was minimal - this time. The damage to our facilities included many downed tree limbs and damage to plants and bushes. As the clean up efforts move forward more structural and ground damage may become apparent.

The bad news is that though our expenses continued, we lost all income for two days from admissions, gift shop sales, swims and other interactive programs. Our visitors' safety is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, when Monroe County called a mandatory visitor evacuation, DRC closed our doors. Past evacuations have always resulted in a loss from both those who left the Keys and from those who will now cancel their upcoming plans.

On behalf of everyone at DRC we would like to thank the caring individuals who know how this impacts us and have already contacted with concern and financial help to get us through this period.

If you'd like to assist, how about becoming a virtual visitor to DRC today? Just click here and enjoy a virtual visit along with the great feeling that you are helping to keep DRC going despite Tropical Storm Fay's attempt to keep us closed.

Regardless of losses the most important thing is everyone is safe! Thank you for your thoughts, your concerns and the financial help you've provided DRC. Once again, you have all shown that the DRC family is an extremely caring and thoughtful group of people!