Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Fun Session with Great Boys

These three are certainly a great match.

Dolphins each have their own unique dolphinalities. A.J. is a gentleman with a sweet heart and calm nature. Tanner is incredibly smart and curious. Sandy is creative and silly. Each of these fantastic guys bring something to the table that the others don’t. That’s what makes working with them so fun every day.

During a play session, A.J., Tanner and Sandy spent time with some of the newer trainers. It was an opportunity for the newbies and the dolphins to bond and deepen their relationships with one another. Throughout the session the boys engaged in various activities from surfing on a Frisbee, to adlibbing, to simply getting loved on.

In the middle of the session, one of the trainers wanted to play the retrieval game with Sandy. She chose three different objects; a hula hoop, a dive ring, and a mangrove pod and threw them out for Sandy to go get. Sandy had no interest in retrieving the objects but as one of our best hula-hoopers, Sandy went straight to his favorite object to show off his skills. As he hula hooped, A.J. and Tanner took off to grab the other objects. A.J. brought back the mangrove pod while his son showed up with the dive ring. When the trainers tried the retrieval game with Sandy again, he grabbed the hula hoop once more and strutted as he hula'd throughout the length of the entire lagoon. A.J. was able to grab the mangrove pod but the dive ring disappeared for a while, until Tanner randomly brought it to the dock at the end of the session.

These three awesome guys really know how to show us how smart they are in their own unique way. Sandy enjoys making us smile, A.J. loves to melt our hearts and Tanner always reminds us that he’s one smart dude. The three boys together make one great session at a lagoon.