Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love Struck Louie

Louie only has eyes for Cayo.

It’s become very apparent that Louie has the hots for Cayo. Despite being a few years younger than the pretty girl, Lou seems to have won her heart. The two spend ample amounts of time together, even leaving sessions for quick a rendezvous when they’re stationed at different docks.

Louie is so smitten with his girlfriend that he’s even shown an interest in her favorite hobby. Cayo is a known people watcher and lately we’ve found the lovebirds together by the front lagoon wall. The two show up at the same time, stare at guests for a while, and then swim off, undoubtedly comparing notes on what they’ve seen.

Usually rambunctious, the love-struck guy spends much more time with his gal than his male friends in the lagoon. Even Cayo’s best friend, Gypsi, approves of the relationship. On occasion she joins them for a lap or at the seawall for a bit before giving them alone time.

It feels like just yesterday Cayo was a little girl and Louie arrived at DRC. It’s so cute to watch them grow up before our eyes.