Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reese's Favorite Subject

On a recent field trip, a member of Dolphin Research Center’s Education Department asked a group of first graders what their favorite subject was in school. It turns out their favorite part of the day is number one on Reese’s list too. Both Reese and the First Grade class love…. Playtime!
At DRC, we like to make learning fun for both humans and our animal family. Play time serves as a learning experience on how to interact with one another and also allows the dolphins to discover new things. Reese has already learned so much from his mother, Santini, and the other dolphins because we make everything here exciting.
For this session in particular, Reese was introduced to new toys. Some of them he’d seen before but never played with, like a floating Kong toy, while others were toys he enjoys interacting with, like his miniature basketball. Reese had a blast as he tried to bring the toys back to the dock. Hula hoops and target poles were snatched up by the other dolphins, but that didn’t bother Reese because he’s not quite big enough to play with those toys yet. Plus, he’ll learn how to interact with objects by watching his friends use them.
As Reese learns to play and becomes accustomed to a variety of toys, he will learn essential building blocks for other types of play and cognitive games. Soon he’ll know how to retrieve multiple items and down the line possibly learn how to match two similar objects. Considering how smart his mom and his big brother, Tanner, are there’s a great chance that Reese may be a research dolphin!