Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Talon and Pax Make a Splash

As brothers, Talon and Pax are always trying to one up each other. They love to show off to the crowd and make people smile with their hilarious antics. Recently, they had fun when their trainers decided to do an all out silly session. Half of the session included seeing what kind of combo behaviors the boys could do while the second part was all up to what Talon and Pax wanted to do as they were free to adlib.

The first half of the session the boys took turns showing off. Talon was asked to “talk” while he wiggled his flippers and dove through the air. Then Pax was asked to dance while he sang and skipped around his lagoon. Talon and Pax went back and forth adding a gator twist to their shark behavior, high flying crazy dolphin imitations, and giggling mid flip. Everything they did was hysterical and challenged them to think about each behavior on a different level.

Then their trainers turned the table and asked what the boys felt like doing. As always, the pair made lots of waves as they splashed, cart wheeled and spit water at their friends on the dock. A few times Talon and Pax disappeared for a minute and then popped up out of the water recreating some of the combination behaviors their trainers had previously asked of them.

While all sessions with Talon and Pax are fun, this one was exceptionally amusing. It was great to see how much excitement the boys shared with their trainers. They were in high spirits throughout the rest of the day.