Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gambit!

Today is a fintastic day here at Dolphin Research Center. We are celebrating a Flipper grandson's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Gambit who turns four today.

Gambit is the newest Flipper grandchild to join the family. Son to Tursi and Kibby, his siblings are Talon, Pax, Pandora, Gypsi and Delta. From an early age Gambit has had a mind of his own, breaking away from protective Mom Tursi and doing his own thing. In personality he is laid back like his dad Kibby. Gambit enjoys “kindergarten” but can be a spacey student at times, in his own world!

Recently Gambit has spent a lot of time with his older sister, Gypsi. The two of them are a great pairing for Dolphin Encounters and other fun interactive programs. Gambit especially loves going in for kisses and dorsal pulls.

Want to help Gambit have a day to remember? You can buy him a bucket of fish or adopt the cute little guy for a year long DRC membership that gives you access to our bi-monthly newsletter and monthly e-news.