Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Anniversary Lina

Happy Anniversary, Lina!

Lina arrived at Dolphin Research Center on January 13, 2011.  She came to us from the Marine Mammal Care Center (MMCC) at Ft. MacArthur in San Pedro, CA.  As a “repeat strander,” it was determined she was unfit to return to the wild. Lina initially stranded in Ventura County, when she was approximately 1 year-old. She was small and thin and seeking food from people. MMCC rescued, rehabilitated, and released her five times! On her final release, she was found shortly after climbing the stairs of someone’s beach house. At this point National Marine Fisheries Services determined she was non-releasable, and Dolphin Research Center was thrilled to give her a “forever home”.

Lina is full of personality! She is bright and eager to learn, but she always wants to be in charge. She tries to be two steps ahead of her trainers at all times and likes doing things her way! She gets impatient when she doesn’t get something right the first time. Lina gets along well with the rest of DRC’s sea lion family. Though she is the smallest of our sea lions, she acts like she is the largest! It is quite comical to watch Lina boss around sea lions much bigger than herself. 

We are very happy to be Lina's forever family and home. Happy Anniversary, Lina. We love you!

If you'd like to adopt Lina or buy her a bucket of fish for her anniversary, check out our website.